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Does workers' compensation cover chemical exposure injuries?

Workers on almost all California job sites are exposed to hazardous chemicals. Whether they manufacture chemicals or use it for cleaning, exposure can cause bodily harm. For this reason, employers must ensure that workers are aware of the hazards posed by the chemicals with which they work and practice safe storage and labeling protocols. A significant number of workers' compensation claims result from harm caused by toxic chemicals.

Workers' compensation claim might follow fatal forklift accident

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently launched an investigation into a fatal workplace accident that claimed the life of a construction worker. This was one of the many fatalities that often lead to workers' compensation survivor's benefits claims that follow forklift accidents. The dangers posed by lift trucks do not always receive the necessary attention during safety training.

Workers' compensation benefits can help surviving family members

A spokesperson for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health reported the outcome of an investigation that followed the death of a worker in the twin tunnel rail project last August. The worker suffered a fatal blow when a steel beam struck him in the head, and two contractors were fined and cited for safety violations. The spokesperson says several other tunnel-related injuries often lead to workers' compensation claims.

Workers' compensation: Cal/OSHA finalizes trench collapse inquiry

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently reported its findings after investigating a workplace accident in Daly City that claimed the life of a construction worker last July. The surviving family members of the deceased worker might have already filed a claim for workers' compensation death benefits. The state-regulated insurance program is a no-fault system, so eligibility for benefits does not depend on the outcome of the investigation.

Workers' compensation claims show some common hazards exist

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health requires employers in all sectors to protect their employees from known risks. While each workplace has its unique safety issues, some common hazards exist, regardless of the industry. Safety authorities say a significant percentage of workers' compensation claims result from accidental falls or workers who are struck by falling objects. Proper personal protective equipment like fall harnesses can prevent falls, and hard hats can prevent head injuries.

Workers' compensation covers stress, fatigue in police officers

Police officers in California risk their lives every day to keep others safe. Their jobs are demanding, and along with the injury risks they face, a host of illnesses and diseases can be linked to the circumstances under which they work. This is recognized by the state-regulated workers' compensation system, which presumes that certain conditions that are typical in police officers are work-related.

Will workers' compensation cover injuries caused by robotics?

The rapid advances in technology have forced many employees in various California industries to become used to having robotic co-workers share their workspaces. Along with new technology typically comes new safety risks, and many workers' compensation claims have been filed after workers were injured by robots. While safety projects focus mainly on developing safer interactions between humans and robots, Amazon recently reported that it created a personal protective device to the robots in its facilities from causing injuries to the human workers.

Workers' compensation: Garbage truck causes driver's death

Each occupation has a unique set of hazards, along with the precautions that are necessary to mitigate them. However, sometimes, workplace accidents happen that are inexplicable, and those may need thorough investigation before their causes become clear. Fortunately, the California workers' compensation insurance system is a no-fault program, and benefits claims do not have to wait for the results of an investigation.

Workers' compensation: New equipment poses new safety hazards

The safest industrial facility can become a deadly work environment when new equipment is placed into service. Workers' compensation claims in California frequently involve injuries that resulted from changes to production processes and installing new machinery without proper preparation and training. With new equipment comes new hazards and new safety precautions.

Workers' compensation covers office workers' injuries

Many people in California do not realize how dangerous it can be to work in an office. A significant number of workers' compensation benefits claims involve injuries caused by slips, trips, falls and other occupational hazards posed by office surroundings. However, proper housekeeping can mitigate almost all the risks..

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