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Posts tagged "Personal Injury"

Workplace injuries could lead to personal injury lawsuits

The workers' compensation insurance program in California provides benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages to victims of workplace injuries. However, under certain circumstances, injured workers might also have grounds to file third-party personal injury lawsuits. If the injury was caused by a party not linked to the same employer, such steps might be appropriate.

Personal injury lawsuit filed against city of Los Angeles

The wife of an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department included Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Michel Moore, along with others, as defendants in a lawsuit filed against the city. It is alleged that her husband contracted typhus while on duty, and passed it on to her. She recently filed the personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Personal injury: Dog severs child's hand. Is owner liable?

California has strict liability laws when it comes to dog bites. It makes dog owners responsible for any dog bites to lawful visitors to the property where the dog is held, or in a public place. Anyone who is bitten by a dog under such circumstances can file a personal injury lawsuit against the dog owner. The victim is not required to prove the owner knew that the dog could be dangerous.

Personal injury: 3-year-old fatally struck by car in parking lot

Parking lots can be hazardous places, and California drivers must be extra vigilant for pedestrians. The chances of striking a pedestrian that results in serious personal injury are greater after dark, especially if there are children present. Young children might not realize that the same rules apply for parking lots as crossing normal roadways.

Is 3rd party personal injury claim viable for defective tool?

Construction sites nationwide, including in California, are dangerous and wrought with safety hazards with which workers must contend. With all the inherent personal injury risks, the last thing workers need is malfunctioning and dangerous power tools. A recent recall underscores the importance of examining equipment properly before use to identify potential injury risks.

Personal Injury: Wrong-way driver survives DUI crash that kills 3

A California family is struggling to cope with the consequences of a fatal crash that occurred on a recent Sunday evening. Dealing with personal injury caused by an alleged drunk driver is bad enough, and when three family members lose their lives in one crash, the trauma is naturally overwhelming. Reportedly, the alleged drunk driver survived the accident.

Personal injury and wrongful deaths suits might follow I-5 crash

A multi-vehicle accident caused delays on southbound Interstate 5 in Woodland on a recent Thursday afternoon. The aftermath of this fatal crash might lead to a personal injury and a wrongful death claim. Although California Highway Patrol officers say drug or alcohol impairment was suspected on the part of the driver who crashed into the other vehicles.

Can personal injury award ever make up for pain and suffering?

A slip-and-fall accident can happen in the blink of an eye. However, the pain and suffering after such an incident can last for years. When consumers in California slip or trip while out shopping, they could suffer one or more of a variety of injuries. If this happens due to the negligence of the store owner, the victim likely has grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury lawsuits might follow crash that injured veterans

Workers on California highways will always be vulnerable, whether they are doing road maintenance or picking up litter. Some drivers pay little or no attention, regardless of the number of signs put out to warn motorists of the presence of workers. Many personal injury cases in the state's civil courts involve injured workers and distracted drivers.

Personal injury: Man loses mother and grandmother in crash

When a loved one dies in a car accident, the trauma that surviving family members suffer could be severe. This is also the case for a California man who is struggling to deal with the fact that he lost his grandmother and his mother in a suspected DUI crash on a recent Friday. A wrong-way driver reportedly caused the personal injury that led to the deaths of both.

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